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Valley-Wide Elite Gymnastics Green Class


 For Ages 3-5


This class teaches children five and under the fundamentals of gymnastics. Students will learn coordination, strength, and flexibility while becoming familiar with gymnastics equipment. Equipment includes balance beams, mini-trampolines, vaulting boxes, mini-gymnastics bars, and much more.


Here boys and girls age six and up learn the basics of floor gymnastics including: 

  • Coordination Skills                                      

  • Flexibility and Strength

  • Rudiments of Tumbling

  • Cartwheels

  • Round-offs

  • Handstands

  • Back Bends

  • Basic Back and Front Rolls


Students will also learn how to utilize the balance beam, mini-trampoline, vaulting box, and mini-gymnastics bar.

Valley-Wide Elite Gymnastics 6-8 years (RED)
Valley-Wide Elite Gymnastics Orange Gymnastics


In this class, we help our students improve the moves and techniques they learned in the beginning class. We also teach intermediate and advanced tumbling:

  • Front Walkovers

  • Front Handsprings

  • Back Walkovers

  • Round-Off

  • Toe Touches

  • Aerials (With a Strong Emphasis on Back Hand-Springs)

These are the types of gymnastics we focus on: 


  • Preschool Rhythmic Gymnastics (Gymnastics and Rope, Hoop, Ribbon, and Ball): For Ages 3-5

  • Floor Tumbling Gymnastics (following acrobatic arts skill sheets to progress at floor tumbling with proper technique and strength training)

  • Competition TeamGym & Rhythmic Gymnastics: Closed Classes (Contact Coach Heather)

Valley-Wide Elite Gymnastics Power Team Gym


Is a competitive version of Gymnastics for All where squads of athletes perform together in two events - Group Floor Exercise and Group Jump (tumbling, vault, & mini tramp).  currently there are 10 difficulty levels.


Squads are made up of 6-14 gymnasts and are judged as a team based on difficulty requirements and execution. Power TeamGym can be competed at local invitationals, at the Gymfest and international invitationals.



Team A&T is broken into three divisions:


Novice, Junior, and Senior.  

All divisions are designed for the competitive athlete to develop the skill set needed to pursue advancement into NCATA: National Collegiate Acrobatics and Tumbling.  

Teams compete in a head to head format in Acro, Pyramid, Toss, Tumbling and Team Routine categories.  

Team AT&T can be competed at local invitationals and the Gymnastics for all National Championships and Gymfest.

Valley-Wide Elite Gymnastics Acrobatic & Tumbling
Valley-Wide Elite Gymnastics Rhythmic Gymnastics


In Rhythmic gymnastics, individuals or teams of five or more use one or two pieces of apparatus, including clubs, hoops, balls, ribbons, and ropes. Gymnasts also perform freehand or with no apparatus.

This type of gymnastics combines elements of ballet, gymnastics, dance, and apparatus manipulation. In competitions, a panel of judges assesses gymnasts based on their leaps, balances, pirouettes (pivots), apparatus handling, and execution. The person who gets the most points win.

Gymnasts need to prepare a choreographed performance that covers the entire floor or stage, and it must have a balance of jumps, leaps, pivots, balances, and flexibility movements. In every movement, a high degree of athletic skill is involved.

Rhythmic gymnasts must have strength, power, flexibility, agility, dexterity, endurance, and hand-eye coordination to be successful in this type of gymnastics.

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