General Information


Refund & Payment Policy:

  • Yearly Registration Fee is Non-Refundable and due every January.

  • No Refunds are given for any reason for tuition or registration fee after COVID-19.

  • Returned checks incur a $85.00 fee in addition to tuition due.

  • If payment is 7 days late from Sign-Up Date, a $40.00 late charge will be added to account.

  • If account is 30 days past due and the amount is over $150.00, that amount will be subject to collections.

  • Due to COVID-19 and the strain of the pandemic on small businesses the refund policy is very strict.  No refund for tuition.  A credit or make-up class is offered.  

General Information

Valley-Wide Elite Gymnastics specializes in TeamGym, Acrobatic & Tumbling Gymnastics, Ninja Monkey and Rhythmic Gymnastics.  Throughout the year Back Handspring Clinics are offered on various Saturdays.  Please check schedule page for more information.


Our Philosophy: To teach quality gymnastics in a fun, positive environment.

Hours of Operation: Tuesday, Thursday, & Friday 2:00pm – 8:00pm, Saturday 12:00pm – 4:00pm


How to Enroll in Classes: Please check schedule of Sessions and enroll on or before the sign-up date.  If you miss the sign-up date please contact Valley-Wide Elite Gymnastics and we may be able to prorate the rest of the session at (714)600-3099 via text if call does not get answered.

Q & A

Q: How do we pay tuition?


Please Click for info on how to pay tuition through the parent portal.

A:  We are a year-round program  paid at the beginning of every Session, based on an average of 4-5 classes per Session. 

Q:  What is the Dress Code?

A:  Female Gymnasts:  Class Color Leotard (May be any shade or color & may have other colors as long as the predominate color is the class color) and black shorts or leggings.  Hair pulled back and no Jewelry.

Male Gymnasts:  Class Color T-Shirt or Tank Top with workout shorts or sweatpants.



  • School Age Gymnastics--Red 

  • Intermediate Gymnastics--Orange  

  • Kinder Tumble--Green 

  • Floor Tumbling--Pink

  • Kinder Cheer Tumble--VWEG tank or t-shirt w/ black shorts

  • Intermediate/Advanced Gymnastics--Blue

  • Cheer/Stunt--VWEG t-shirt and black shorts

  • Rhythmic Gymnastics--Black or Purple Leotard with gymnastics shorts

  • Ninja Monkey/Parkour--Click Link:

  • Competition Team--Elite Leotard or Elite T-Shirt (Boys)

Q: Do you sale Gymnastics apparel?

A:  Yes in class you can buy leotards, gymnastics shorts, t-shirts and more with cash or check ONLY. Online under the Shop Merchandise Tab you may buy gymnastics apparel.

Q: Where are you located?

A:  Valley-Wide Elite Gymnastics is located at a different Valley-Wide Recreation Center each day of the week:

  • Tuesday--Renatus Athletics:  475 N Buena Vista St, Hemet, CA 92543

  • Wednesday--Valley-Wide Regional: 901 W Esplanade Ave, San Jacinto, CA 92582

  • Friday--Marion V. Ashley Community Center 25625 Briggs Rd, Menifee CA 92585--Opens October 1st, 2021

Q: What is the Registration Fee?

A:  The $30.00 yearly registration fee pays for the cost of liability for your gymnast for the year.  It is due every September. Over the Summer Session Registration Fee is waived.

Closed Dates Due to Holidays: Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Halloween evening, The Week of Thanksgiving, a holiday break during Dec/Jan, The week of Presidents week in February, The week after Easter,  The week of Forth of July.