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General Information


Refund & Payment Policy:

Tuition Agreement & Payment Policy

All registrations are first come first serve. The online registration process is not a guaranteed spot in class until we have received payment and you have received confirmation from our customer service representative.

How Do I Pay Tuition for Class?

Go to Register (New Customer) or Parent Portal Login button on webstie to pay tuition before the 25th of each month for the following month and understand if it is not paid, Valley-Wide Elite Gymnastics will initiate electronic payments for the balance of my account onto my credit or debit card that is required by Valley-Wide Elite Gymnastics to have on file. Customers understand that if tuition is not paid before the first of the month, my child will be tagged inactive, will be unenrolled, and children on the waiting list will be called. I understand that Valley-Wide Elite Gymnastics does not bill me for tuition, and it is my responsibility to pay my account balance. Parents please understand that your child is continuously enrolled in class and will incur monthly tuition charges on my account until parent informs the business office two weeks prior to cancellation via email or phone call.  There is a $15 late fee if tuition payments are made after the 25th of the month and returned checks carry a fee of $75.00.

Tuition Proration: If registering for classes mid-month, the system will automatically prorate your tuition, assuming you are starting the class the next time the class meets. You will see the prorated amount listed as a "Discount" in your emailed confirmation.

Annual Membership Fee- Every family pays a $39.00 fee upon registration of classes & upon every January 1st thereafter. Month of January registration fee is 50% off. You do not have to pay a membership fee for special event activities. Registration fee for multiple siblings will be deducted $5.00 per sibling after one sibling is paid at full price.

Discounts for Families- Tuition rate scale for families with multiple students and children with multiple classes for Gymnastics,Monkey Ninja Parkour, and Mom and Tot Class. 

First class per week (per child or sibling) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . full price

Second class per week (per child or sibling) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 20% off lesser tuition

Third class per week(per child or sibling). . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 20% off

Fourth and all additional classes per week (per child or sibling). . 30% off

Unlimited Gymnastics classes- $449/month for one child unlimited

Take a second daytime class Monday thru Friday before 3pm and receive 50% off the second class.

Family Discount — We offer a generous discount for multiple classes for one child and multiple students from one family. Our discounts are: the first class in for family (the highest tuition) is full price, second and third classes 20% off, and the fourth and fifth classes 30% off.  At a certain point, we do offer a price for an unlimited amount of dance classes—inquire in the office for that pricing.

Military Discount – We also offer a 15% discount on all classes for active duty military members.

General Information

Valley-Wide Elite Gymnastics specializes in TeamGym, Acrobatic & Tumbling Gymnastics, Ninja Monkey and Rhythmic Gymnastics.  Throughout the year Back Handspring Clinics are offered on various Saturdays.  Please check schedule page for more information.


Our Philosophy: To teach quality gymnastics in a fun, positive environment.

Hours of Operation: Tuesday, Thursday, & Friday 2:00pm – 8:00pm, Saturday Once or twice a month tumbling clinics and camps may run a different locations. Check the parent portal for updated and correct schedule information.


How to Enroll in Classes: Please check schedule of Sessions and enroll on or before the sign-up date.  

Q & A

Q: How do we pay tuition?


Go to schedule page, select class by clicking REGISTER & make an account on the parent portal then select class enroll & pay tuition to hold athlete's spot in class. 

A:  We are a year-round program  paid at the beginning of every Session, based on an average of 4-5 classes per Session/Month. 

Q:  What is the Dress Code?


Female Gymnasts:   Leotard and black shorts or leggings.  Hair pulled back and no Jewelry.

Male Gymnasts:  T-Shirt or Tank Top with workout shorts or sweatpants.



















Q: Do you sale Gymnastics apparel?

A:  Yes in class you can buy leotards, gymnastics shorts, t-shirts once a month (Usually the third week of session). Online under the Shop Merchandise Tab you may buy gymnastics apparel. You can also request an invoice be via email and pay for merchandise then pick up the following week in class. 

Q: Where are you located?

A:  Valley-Wide Elite Gymnastics is located at a different Valley-Wide Recreation Center each day of the week:

Q: What is the Registration Fee?

A:  The $39.00 yearly registration fee pays for the cost of liability for your gymnast for the year.  It is due every January. 

Closed Dates Due to Holidays: Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Halloween evening, The Week of Thanksgiving, holiday break during Dec/Jan, The week after Easter. The week of Forth of July.

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